Python Code Samples
About Python

Python is a programming language, some developers may call it a scripting language or interpreted language, that is labeled as "general purpose". It was, homorously named after Monty Python when it was revealed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. Generally, many web developers as well as software developers started their learning with Python. In many ways, the concepts of program design and programming structure are easier to start students and self-taught developers are easier to begin accessing and understanding with Python. For myself, the ability to install it and open up IDLE (the Python interpreter that can also work as a command-line in a sense) and start doing calculations, returning words ('strings'), and other simple tasks helped me begin to understand how the backend of web and desktop applications work. Python's syntax is slightly different from many programming languages but on minor levels, in my opinion.

As in PHP, JavaScript, C#, Java and so forth: /* This is a multiline comment in many programming languages such as PHP and C# */
A comment in Python resembles config files: # This is a comment in Python (multiline or single line).

A function in PHP: function nameYourFunction($parameter1, $parameter2){... and so forth.
A function in Python: def nameyourfunction(paramter1, parameter2):... and so forth.

Python also uses colons rather than semicolons, functions are defined diffently and in quick desktop applications "task main" is required. You can also visit the very large Python Community.

Note: These examples were created in the Python IDE (IDLE) and have not yet been translated to web standard Python so that they can be rendered in a web page. As a result, there are both downloadable Python files (.py) and text files (.txt) below. Many of these were written in 2014.